In person shopping scam

I went to an eyeglass store over a week ago to do the eye exam and purchased new glasses (frame + lenses). I asked them to help me file insurance claim as well. They told me that they will install the lenses into the frame and call me to pick up in a few days. Everything seemed fine and then after a week, I called them to see if they have done it and they said let them check. They never called me back after that. I called again and the salesperson became very rude. He said give them a few more days they will do it as their machine is malfunctioning and the frame is out of stock. I agreed to take the available sample frame at the store in a hope to get it quicker as I am rushed to have it. Now a few more day have passed and they never call me back again. I called to ask and the guy is still trying to delay it without a confirmed date. I have a driving test coming and can’t wait anymore. At this point, I might have to buy the glasses elsewhere and demand a refund. I don’t think these scammers would ever refund me. What should I do in this case? The glasses costs me over $500 and I am thinking about a credit card dispute as the last resort. What legal action should I take or can I call the police?

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  1. shankworks says:

    Sound like they just might be short staffed. BTW you can get glasses from places like zennioptical for literally $15. You just need to get your prescription with the “PD” number from the eye doctor. They usually withhold that number. Ive been using them for over a decade and the glasses are no different than the ones ive paid $300 for at eyeglass shops.

  2. Thatsayesfirsir says:

    I would go into the store and complain

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