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I keep seeing this girl on Instagram that went to my same school posting about her making so much more money from investing a small amount and having a “coach” that helped her out. She always tags the coach and the person looks legit. She has a bio full of investing stuff, has a good amount of followers and all her pictures look like she has a lot of money.

I messaged the investor girl and asked her how does this work and she responded with “I will help you make a good profit using Bitcoin. I will be your trading manager and you will create your account with my signal and strategies to make you good profit within a day.

I would like to make money investing but I also don’t want to get scammed. Is this a legit person that’s gonna help me? Please and thanks.

The content was posted by b0basloth on 2021-11-09 01:23:28 via reddit

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  1. Is this a legit person that’s gonna help me?


    No. Absolutely not. Going for a get rich quick scheme is guaranteed to lose all your money.

  2. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    !crypto scam. Avoid at all costs.

  3. ShredableSending says:

    This will work much like the forex scam, btw. The automod’s got the explanation on the crypto.

    Never allow anyone to manage your money who is not a licensed, registered financial advisor who is a fiduciary. The fiduciary is the more important part.

    There are, of course, exceptions for things like problem gambling, alcohol addictions, etc which you might have a family member restrict your access to your own money in some form or another.

  4. joeyGibson says:

    No, this person is going to have you send them BTC, they will show you fake numbers indicating enormous “profits”, but when you try to withdraw any, there are “fees” or “taxes” or “level-ups” you have to pay. And you can’t take those out of the “profits”, you have to send them more BTC. But it’s all bullshit. As soon as you send your BTC, it’s gone, and it’s never coming back.

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