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I encountered a lot of people on the internet saying this is a scam but the thing is, instagram told me on after I put in the info for forgot password that they would send me an sms message. I then proceeded to receive the message everyone is saying is a scam, clicked on it, and it sent me to the app. If I press forgot password on the app it sends me a text from the same number with the same kind of message, which also sends me right back to the instagram app. I’m stuck in a loop and worried that my ig, computer, and phone all have viruses and nasty sh*t on them now.

The content was posted by bigbrainbrandon04 on 2021-09-25 09:15:09 via reddit

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  1. TheManWithSaltHair says:

    It sounds legitimate. What was the domain in the SMS? Only include the first part and not any unique codes.

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