Instagram scams (Taytam, Tabugeo, Luci, …)

Hello there. One month ago I saw this instagram add for a online store named taytam. They offered a ton of clothes for free. You just needed to pay shipping. I ordered a bunch of stuff for 20USD shipping. They sent me a confirmation, told me my order would arrive in 1 Month and thats it.

I googled there name and only found social media profiles. The taytam page (they deleted it now) on instagram had 20k follower. I checked a bunch of them and the followerse seemed legit. Strangely I cant seem to find any other victims. The only thing i could find, was this Instagram profile: [](

Dont get me wrong. I dont care about me 20$. I just want to raise awareness.

(Sorry for my bad english, im not a native speaker)

The content was posted by Merlinzkus on 2019-06-19 02:22:42 via reddit

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  1. >Dont get me wrong. I dont care about me 20$.

    Which is why sometimes scams that target thousands for small amounts at a time are so successful.

    Plenty of threads here on that particular “deal”.

    And OP… $20 is a cheap price for the lesson you learned. Try not to make similar decisions in the future and it will all be worth it.

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