Intercepted a Scam

(TLDR: Man looks for his scammer in the ER cause she needs to pay up front before treatment can happen {not a real thing} and I try and convince him this woman is a scammer. Not a great story but its true and I’m mostly venting.)

I work hospital security for a mid sized hospital in california. A few weeks ago I was assigned to the ER lobby, I mostly just check visitors in and respond to codes if they come.

I was doing overtime and kindof tired and out of it when this guy walks up. First off before I describe him I want to state I am not making fun of him, but I do feel its necessary to be accurate. He was around the 50’s, white, very overweight and didnt have great facial features, I feel bad saying it but its true, hes also just overall sad looking. He was dressed in shorts and a dirty pinkish red shirt.

He comes up to me and asks if a “Mia” has arrived in the ER. I have a list of all the names in the hospital but its organized by surnames so I inform him I Need the last name to help. He tells me he doesn’t know it and that he has never actually met this person but she was suppose to come over to his house until she got into a car accident. That seemed odd but I didnt think much of it, I separated the list by “ER only” to try and find the first name, she isnt popping up.

He then asks me if its normal for the ER to ask for payment up front, and that “Mia” asked for $140 so she can be seen. Then I realized what was going on. Ive watched thousands of patients check in, they dont talk about payment till wayy later, they are required to see you first. I tell him all that and ask where he met her. He shows me her online profile (tinder, badoo or something). Honestly looking at the profile Im guessing shes actually real but of course just scamming people.

I tell him that this is most likely a scam and it would be best for him to block her and not send any more money. He gets real quiet and just scans through their messages together for awhile, I guess shes texting him again as we talk too. He tells me that she supposedly got transferred to another hospital and needs another $140 for treatment..

I am a little more insistent telling him now that it is for sure a scam and to please not send anything and to block her. Im trying to think of how to help but there is really nothing that can be done besides trying to convince him. Part of me wanted to grab the social worker or something..thats not even their job and they cant do anything for him but I wanted to do Something.

He thanks me for talking with him, that he wont send money but doesn’t want to block her. He then walks out. Talking to him it kind of felt like he knew deep inside but needed someone to directly hell him its a scam. I really hope he didn’t continue with her.

Ive watched countless hours or Anti-scam videos but personally dealing with a victim was just heartbreaking. These scammers are truly just scum of the earth. Sorry Im not a better writer and I know this story isnt that interesting, but I needed to vent a bit.

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  1. Cirrus-Ramparts says:

    It’s crazy to me how, like you said, he knows it’s a scam but needed to hear it from you.

    You see it all the time in this sub. “I know this is a scam, but I feel like I need to ask you guys if it is.”

    I don’t know why people can’t trust themselves and their own judgement.

  2. Goflyakitescammers says:

    And he may be so “in love” with her that he can’t believe she would do such a thing. Romance scammers, to me, are the worst scum of all. They play with peoples emotions. Then when the people get scammed they are heartbroken and usually destitute as well. Which is why they are my favorite to scam bait. Can’t stop them, so just waste their time as much as possible so they maybe can’t find a more vulnerable victim.

  3. ez_as_31416 says:

    that was a fascinating and heartbreaking story.

    Your writing was fine. you really conveyed the sad state of the victim, and the heartbreak of his situation. Also your empathy and compassion.

    remember as you age how lonely life can become.

  4. We had an elderly client who refused to believe the gorgeous 23 year old multi-millionaire heiress was a scammer until she didn’t get off the plane he paid for her to fly to him on.

    Two hundred thousand dollars gone, and never once did he think to just fly down to her.

  5. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Good on you! I think that’s the main reason why people post here; they know deep down that something is a scam, but just need confirmation from an outside source.

  6. carolineecouture says:

    Thank you for talking to him. You did what you could do. My guess is that he’ll continue with her and she’ll give him some kind of song and dance about why it isn’t a scam. It’s sad because he’s probably lonely. I hope he comes to his senses.

  7. ShaneWarrn-ambool says:

    I’m giving you my Reddit Wholesome award a little bit because you intercepted and helped this guy but mainly because you put the TLDR at the start where it should be!!!

  8. Liketowrite says:

    Thank you for helping that man. I’m sure that he was sad to learn the truth. But he would be even sadder if he kept losing money to the scammer.

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