Invoice Scam

So, I have something I know is a scam, but I’m not entirely sure of the angle.

I received an email invoice for auto-renewal of Norton antivirus this morning: 5 years, $500.

Thing is, I’m not a Norton subscriber and never have been.

The “From” address was just an ordinary (non-corporate) address, the text was riddled with misspelling and awkward constructions, it used the word “kindly” more than once, and nothing in the email identified me at all. Just “Customer” or something like that. Also, there’s weird spacing that I think is meant to circumvent spam filters. My spam filter is really good — this is a once in a blue moon even when something like this gets through.

There *is* a customer service number to call with “questions.” I assume that’s the **hook** — but what exactly is the **trap**?

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  1. Goflyakitescammers says:

    It might be a !refund scam. (Not sure if there is an autobot for that). The “helpful rep” connects to your computer and bank, then “refunds” you too much ($5000 instead of $500) and gets upset about how he will lose his job but you can send the difference in gift cards to save him. Or some other bullshit like that!

  2. amyaurora says:

    The trap is they want your card info.

    The invoice is fake. The number isn’t a Norton number. Someone who isn’t able to realize that will call and when the “helpful rep” asks for the card info to verfiy the transaction to remove the charge….bam.

  3. BebeRabbit_pc says:

    The trap is likely stealing $500 and even going as far as downloading something onto your computer to steal data or corrupt then ask for more money from you to fix.

    To verify, can call Norton (offical number from website) or immediately flag as spam.

  4. DarrenFromFinance says:

    Shady companies send out fake invoices that give the game away in tiny tiny print: not an invoice at all, but a solicitation for services. They assume that at least some businesses will simply pile it with the other invoices and pay it. I believe there were companies selling off-market toner cartridges in this manner.

    I don’t know if that’s the model for what’s going on here, but it is a thing.

  5. botdetector_ca says:

    Hello Saar please kindly connect your computer to our secure server in California and enter your login information.

  6. Definitely a !refund scam. Avoid.

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