iPad Pro on FB marketplace

I have found iPad Pro at half the price on facebook marketplace.
Person seems legit,but I’m still suspicious.
So long storry short.
Person is selling neighbours iPad,and as he says,his neighbour doesn’t need money but won’t sell device to anyone but a good person who won’t resell it.
I have sent generic message to seller (one provided by fb marketplace) on which he replied day after giveing me his name,address,some photos of device and serial number of iPad which I checked and looks legit (still under warranty,not changed,repaired or on loan).
We agreed on 40£ deposit which I sent through bank transfer and also we agree to meet 2 days after.
So now comes the problem, I was unable to go to pick up device that day (Wednesday) but we agreed and rearanged collection for Saturday (tomorrow).
I’m still in contact with both persons,got seller phone number,name and address,and also name and address of his neighbour who posted iPad on market.
As precaution,I took all details I could find on both persons but I am still in doubt if this could be scam.
If it turns out it is,what could I do?
Thanks everyone for help!

The content was posted by KalypsoX on 2021-10-08 15:43:12 via reddit

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  1. likeness2 says:

    So you can’t meet the alleged owner, but the alleged owner really wants to make sure that you’re a good person? This sounds totally like a scam.

  2. > As precaution, I took all details I could find on both persons

    And those details have no connection to whoever you’re talking to or who you’ve sent the money to. If it turns out to be a scam, why on Earth would you think they’ve given you their real name and address?

    Even if it is their real details it’s not like there’s anything you can realistically do.

    The whole story about wanting the ipad to go to a “good person” is transparently nonsense.

  3. Thanks everyone. I will post update tomorrow when I get there and know more. I hope it is not scam,I really do.
    I have never used fb market to buy ot sell anything,and it seems I will be more carefull or simple stay away from non secure markets.

  4. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Big scam. 5 days later? Ha! A while back, I listed an iPad for sale, at a reasonable price. Sold within 3 hours! I had about 40 people messaging me about it. You sent money for them to hold it, but couldn’t meet, just rearranged times. Ok then. Willing to bet they won’t meet you then either.

  5. I won’t need to wait tomorrow for upload…
    Just got message from seller telling me he wont be home until Monday/Tuesday. But he can send refund or send it by post.
    Told him to send only if he agrees on payment after the Item arrives.
    Ofc, told him to send to any collection point in my city… I am not crazy to give him my real address.
    Damn scam…like you all said…

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