Is anyone aware of a scam where people have mail delivered to a recently purchased home?

I purchased a home in June and with it came a lot of junk mail. All said junk mail was addressed to me.

However, recently I’ve began getting some other people’s mail who did not occupy the house before me. I’m paranoid that some elaborate squatting scheme will take place if I leave my house unattended for an extended amount of time.

I just return to sender the mail, but it’s become more frequent to the point their mail outnumbers mine 2:1.

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  1. I would definitely reach out to your local post office when you are moving to a house they typically have a form you would be able to fill out that enables them to know who is supposed to be receiving mail at this location. You can let them know that you’ve been receiving a high quantity of mail that’s not addressed to you nor any tenants previously at the house. As long as your mailman does his job you should no longer receive any mail not addressed to you at this point

  2. CommitteeNo5432 says:

    I would notify your local post office and let them know. That way if any illegal items are shipped to your house, you’ll be covered.

  3. That’s an interesting conclusion.

  4. CommitteeNo5432 says:

    When you purchase a home it’s public record. Businesses keep track of home sales. Every time I’ve moved to a new house we’d get a bunch of “welcome to the neighborhood” mail.

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