Is Laetitude 100% scam?

I was at a Presentation of the new Company “Laetitude”. They say everthing about their Company and their tradingsystem is so good and their new trading bot… and so on. But i did some research about David El Dib and Stefan Strumpf and it turns out they were both in Bitclub Network which was a huge scam. I talked about it with some people and everybody says its safe because they dont have a spot in their own system where they store BTCs, they do in on in the Wallstreet and stuff. Also some told me David El Dib and Stefan Strumpf were just Individuals of the company even though the gave Presentations about Bitclub. I’m not a 100% sure if it’s total BS because you can trade your BTCs in realtime and get your money instantly. It’s just weird.

On the website isn’t even an adress or contact. All you know is that it belongs to David El Dib.

I want to start with BTCs with a friend of mine who already bought one of their Products and i have to decide if i do it too.

-Thanks for the replys

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  1. Sounds like you’ve already figured out it’s a scam. !crypto

  2. Sounds like a scam. If you and your friend want to trade Bitcoin, find a publicly traded company like Coinbase, ticker is COIN, you can lookup on Google Finance, or Yahoo Finance, etc and it will also show similar companies that are publicly listed. is a legitimate site and they have an app in the Google play store, but I don’t think they are public. You should check out their websites or apps, and only create an account after you’ve done your research on them and feel comfortable. Good luck.

  3. You want to legitimately trade with a trading bot? This company is backed by who?

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