Is Project Pioneer a scam?

Someone I know was telling me all about how they were going to be able to buy a website domain and make lots of money from it. As soon as I expressed my concern for it being a scam and asked for more information, they got defensive and didn’t explain how the whole thing worked.

I did some of my own research and I saw things that said it wasn’t a scam, but it looked like the sort of fake review someone might put up for their own business.

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  1. pkpearson says:

    You don’t reveal much about Project Pioneer, but a web search indicates that PP sells lessons on how to make money running a website or using a website to establish a drop-shipping company. It might not be an outright scam, but offers that say “Give us money up front, and we’ll show you how to make lots of money later” very often disappoint in the “later” part. Compare with a multi-level marketing scheme, for example.

    A good standard for evaluating this sort of situation is this: Ask yourself what you would be doing that “creates value”. If you can’t see how your activites would create value, in a market where many other people are free to do the same thing, then it’s probably not a good undertaking.

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