Is Someone Trying to Scam Me?

Wondering if this sub can help me. I’ll try to make this quick: I’m on a dating app, and I match with a girl, she tells me to go to her snap, we carry on conversation for a few hours, and it doesn’t seem to be a bot or whatever. She asks if we can use iMessage to talk, but gives me an email address. I figure that she’s just trying to keep her phone number to herself for now. So far we’ve just made conversation. She hasn’t sent any links or asked for any pictures or personal info, but the email address for iMessage has me on edge, as I’ve never corresponded with anyone like that. Does this sound like a scam set up? I using iMessage like that going to allow this person to hack my iPhone? I’m just suspicious and was hoping someone here could give me their two cents.

The content was posted by turkc54 on 2021-10-06 19:15:01 via reddit

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  1. ScientificFlamingo says:

    Check out the “pig butchering scam”. It’s a romance scam mixed with a crypto scam. They play a long game of weeks or even months to gain your confidence and then slowly introduce the idea of investing in a cryptocurrency platform. Of course, you’re really not investing money–it goers straight into the scammer’s wallet and they just show you a bunch of phony but official-looking screens to make it look like you’re making money, but you’ll never be able to withdraw your funds.

    I’m not saying that this is definitely where that was headed, but I wouldn’t be surprised, either. Good for you for sensing something was wrong.

  2. The concern isn’t her “hacking” your phone. It’s that you’re going to end up sending money or “investing” in some crap that she sells you on. I’m betting you’ve already been unmatched on that original dating app.

  3. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Or might be leading up to a !blackmail or !underage scam. She sends nude pictures, asks you to do so. You foolishly do so. Then wham. Someone says they are going to send them to all your friends and family if you don’t pay $$. Or her “father” will contact you and claim she is underage and if you pay $$ he won’t go to the police. There are variations on those two. Other comments have covered some other ones. Note: no nudes, no money, no gift cards.

  4. darren501 says:

    The **pig-butchering scam** also known as Sha Zhu Pan (杀猪盘) is fairly easy to identify because the topic of investment is mentioned at some point accompanied by overly-enthusiastic conversation from the scammer.

    Is she East Asian by any chance?

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