Is there anything else I need to do or be worried about after my credit card number was used fraudulently?

Wanted to ask some advice in case I am missing something. My credit card has remained in my possession, however, someone obtained and tried to use my cc number. One of the purchases attempted (and the one that was flagged by my bank) was to an identity theft company. This struck me as strange that someone would try to buy identity theft protection with a stolen credit card. My card has been deactivated, I will be issued a new one, and the fraudulent charges have been reversed. However, I’m still worried about the attempted identity theft protection purchase. Could that indicate my identity/financial info could be otherwise compromised? Is there something I should do or be on the lookout for? Or is this just silly worry that I can let go?

The content was posted by Hedica on 2021-11-11 16:19:24 via reddit

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  1. Shield_Lyger says:

    Always let go of worry, it never helps.

    It’s likely the card information was leaked by a merchant that was breached. It happens.

    If you’re concerned that your identity has been compromised, check your credit reports for suspicious activity like new card or loan applications. (You should be doing that anyway, from time to time.) If that doesn’t put your mind at ease, you can always freeze your credit.

    As for identity information being compromised, it exists in so many places that it’s more or less impossible to prevent someone from accessing it, if they’re willing to work hard enough. So again, simply worrying about it isn’t helpful.

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