Is this a job scam?

I applied through indeed for a job that said it was for New York housing authority/NYCHA through a staffing agent called Diskritter which does have an online presence. But when the recruiter named Marcus called me not only did he ask the same three questions over and over again which the questions were whether or not I was vaccinated and to send confirmation to an email I confirmed earlier, but during the phone call in the background I could hear the phone dialing as if somebody else was being called on the same call. He kind of laughed when I brought it up and asked if he came up a scammer which kind of leads me to believe that they are. I have had five people attempt to scam me via job interviews. Now he’s texting me and asking for photos of my license. That’s sketchy to me. I haven’t given him anything other than my birthday (which is public) and my number that he got off my resume. Is this how New York City Housing Authority would normally do things or should I block the number?

The content was posted by dogupontheroof on 2021-11-09 18:27:29 via reddit

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  1. dj_narwhal says:

    They take your ID and then advertise a new scam under your name and then use your ID that you have sent them as proof they are legitimate. They are almost certainly not in the US.

  2. AceyAceyAcey says:

    Real jobs in the USA don’t need to see your ID until they’ve hired you and are on boarding you. This is a !job scam.

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