Is this a scam?

Is this a scam?

The content was posted by shlargslurper on 2021-10-06 21:31:02 via reddit

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  1. ptcashier says:

    There is a Dealership in my area that sends this bullshit. You’re lured to their business for some crappy deal on a shitty used car.

  2. Goflyakitescammers says:

    I get those all the time. Usually when I go, they say I haven’t won, but hey look at this car, payments would only be ($$). I have never “won” I guess because I just paid off a far and don’t want a car payment again. Is yours the same? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. Thephilosopherkmh says:

    This is a scam to get you to go to the dealership so they can try to sell you a car.

  4. Three symbols = Prize. It doesn’t correspond to the prize listed. Those are just coincidently the same color. If you read the fine print it’ll probably say what the smallest prize is. The effort to collect it is usually greater than the value of the prize. Sometimes the prize is getting entered into a raffle to win the actual prizes.

    Here’s an example from this sub of someone trying to collect the prize for a similar mailer: []( (tl;dr: the prize was a $2 coin).

  5. OffenseTaker says:

    Love the fine print. “matching symbols do not correspond to prizes received. confirmation code determines actual prize received”


    EDIT: Also, HD is 720p. FHD is 1080p. Not worth the trip imo.

  6. shlargslurper says:

    Local car dealership sent these out to residences. Wondering if it’s worth going to the store just to see. Will not be suckered into buying a car, as I’m a grad student with no credit, nor do I understand how to buy a car.

  7. toddestan says:

    I was wondering how they were getting away with the trademark infringement until I realized it’s actually “MONEYOPOLY” and not “MONOPOLY”. With that said, they still seem to be treading a fine line here.

  8. Then-Craft says:

    Yep. I fell for this once. I showed up at the dealership and they spent a good 30 minutes of my time trying to sell me a car, despite the fact that I had a car and was usually taking mass transit to get around. I left with a $5 Walmart gift card and they got a nasty Google review from me. I hope it was worth it for them 🙂

  9. You won ‘something’ and that something might be a trivial coffee gift card, or more likely $1,000 cash back on the purchase of a new car, or toward some upgrade that is already on it, and which conveniently excludes you from the _other_ incentives they offer that get you that same $1K back.

  10. BeguiledBeast says:

    I’ve had a few letters like this. You win a prize or you get the chance to win a price. But before you get your peize, you first need to buy something… and that something is often unusable, or sometimes does not arrive. If it’s a brick and mortar store, it still has a similar set-up.


    Every single card is a “winner”. But what you win has nothing to do with the symbols. You need to bring the card to your dealership in person and then in the manager’s office, there will be a spreadsheet. It says what code wins what prize. If it doesn’t match (which it won’t as this promotion is run by a nationwide company and only one random flyer in the entire country will win the real prize), your prize will be something to the affect of “$200 off a new car”

    This is a shady quasi legal way to get suckers to come to the dealership so they can give ‘em the hard sell on a car.

  12. iambrutally says:

    Read the fine print. Matching prizes do not correspond to prizes received. That said, it’s extremely deceptive but it’s not a scam. It’s a ploy car dealerships use to get people in the door to make sales pitches to and pressure them inside. I am surprised there’s a place doing this during today’s market though. The market is thin for cars to sell.

  13. [deleted] says:

    It’s a bait and switch. If you read the fine print on the card you will see that it only comes with purchase of a vehicle.

  14. Draq_the_second says:

    Yes. Because you only “won” a chance to win. Literally every flier they send is the same.

  15. Eyeoftheleopard says:

    Yes, this is a scam.

  16. FoamSquad says:


  17. Double_Arm_4601 says:

    Used to work at a dealer ship. Have you ever seen “The Goods” literally what it is. They have top tier car salesman for a weekend and do promotions like this. They get you in with a bs promo.

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