Is this a scam?

Is this a scam?

The content was posted by Blutinoman on 2021-10-05 16:35:52 via reddit

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  1. >>Random text

    >>Entry level customer service job

    >> 42/hr!?

    Lmao on what planet? 42/hr!? C’mon. Scam!

  2. Definitely. I’d block, report and delete this for sure.

  3. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Hahaha! $42 bucks an hour for a CSR? Of course it’s a scam! Scammers should really make an effort to at least appear legit! CSR maybe $15-$17 an hour. $42? 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  4. TheFoulWind says:

    Definitely. Probably just for data or personal info

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