Is this a scam?


A friend mentioned this to me, and they are currently trying it out. Apparently this site pays you for liking some youtube vids or other things on other platforms. But the amount you are paid for every “task” you do depends on your VIP level (you have to invest a certain amount of money to reach whatever tier they have). Right now my friend is just trying to somehow earn back the amount they had invested. I’ve had another friend that dipped their toes in a similar site (they [even impersonated someone from Temasek](, that was flagged as sketchy, they had managed to get their money back though. So anyways, I went to the site, literally full of red flags, looks like shit. I just wanted to know whether or not this is somehow legit or just plain scam, I am just concerned whether or not my friend would just outright lose their money, lol.

The content was posted by SingkoSaMinorSubject on 2021-11-17 06:59:30 via reddit

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  1. Ser_Illin says:

    Of course it’s a scam, the friend is paying to work! It’s like an advanced fee scam mixed with indentured servitude.

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