Is this a scam?

Does anybody know if this website ( is the legitimate website for me to purchase one of the “vintage” charizard tees? They have another website ( which i think is their official site where they don’t sell the vintage pokémon tees anymore. I’m just wondering if the .shop one is a scam? Anything helps, thank you ! <3

The content was posted by bigmanBOWSERH on 2021-11-17 13:51:33 via reddit

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  1. Created just a few months ago. So, I definitely would avoid it. They are probably impersonating the one with .com so please avoid it.

  2. Quickest thing to check is when the url was registered. If its recent (at it is in this case), avoid. Just google “domain registration information” and plug in the URL to any of these tools to find out.

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