Is this a scam attempt? Description in comments

Is this a scam attempt? Description in comments

The content was posted by PineTreePetey on 2021-10-04 16:54:57 via reddit

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  1. PineTreePetey says:

    Figured this was a scam. Generic GMAIL account, no interviews. Unfortunate.

  2. Aromatic-Issue-5263 says:

    Really bad english… that’s a red flag for me! And they selected you just based on what? Curriculum? No interview or phone call?! No information about their company?! There is nothing there that makes me think it’s a real job offer. Don’t fall for that, it’s a scam!

  3. Did you apply for a job on LinkedIn? Did you do an interview online? If not it is a scam. Its a fake check scam most likely. They will send you a check for office equipment, have you deposit it, and send the extra money to someone else.


  4. One of those !job scams around the corner.

  5. hacking_ipod says:

    I recommend always checking the source email because linkedin won’t never send from an gmail account

  6. Is this how real jobs hire people, dear applicant?

  7. FancyWear says:

    Login directly to your linked in account if this is an honest attempt it will be on your LinkedIn message board

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