Is this a scam bot

Is this a scam bot

The content was posted by DankeyDoodl on 2021-10-04 22:56:18 via reddit

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  1. DarrenFromFinance says:

    If someone tells you you’ve won a prize but you never heard of the contest, then it’s a scam. They’re fishing around for suckers.

  2. DankeyDoodl says:

    I should’ve been more specific and given a bit more background. My friend added this bot to his server and said that it was for advertising the server, I chose to look into the bot myself. I didn’t find any info on the bot someone proposed the idea that may be an IP grabber. I wanted to see if my suspicions were correct or if it was just a simple nitro scam

  3. 404invalid-user says:

    This is 200% a nitro scam that will take your steam and/or discord

  4. ChickenSpaceProgram says:

    if you have to ask, its a scam

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