Is this a scam? Buyers on fb marketplace keep asking me to ship an item despite it being marked local pickup

I posted a computer on there and got three messages, all from people who wanted me to ship the item to them. One of them even offered $250 more for it. If it was an attempted scam then idk what they would get out of it but it just felt kinda fishy. Anybody on here know if it’s just paranoia? The guy who offered me extra even said he would use venmo. Any help appreciated

The content was posted by yamanamawa on 2021-11-19 01:05:42 via reddit

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  1. blahblahsdfsdfsdfsdf says:

    Yes, very much so. They would send you more money than you ask but then ask for some in return in the form of gift cards or something to pay their supposed shipping company. The money they send you will be from someone else’s hacked bank account so it will eventually get pulled back out of your account.

  2. Goflyakitescammers says:

    !fakecheck !fakepayment it’s 100% a scam!

  3. highrisedrifter says:

    If anyone offers vastly more than the shipping cost, then it is a scam. No real person does this.

  4. DarrenFromFinance says:

    What would they get out of it? They’d get a free computer, because any money they send you is fake.

    Anybody who offers you more than the asking price is scamming you, count on it. There are a few invariable facts of online scams and that’s one of them. An unnecessarily detailed story about why they can’t pick it up is another one. A third is if they offer to pay extra for a pickup fee and want you to pay the person who picks it up. A fourth is if they want you to include some gift cards in the package, for which they will pay you. We see these every single day in this sub and they’re all bright red flags.

    The only way to sell a high-ticket item is to sell it in person, for cash. If you send it to someone who contacted you online, it is almost a certainty that it is a scammer, and you will lose your item and the money you thought you were making.

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