Is this a scam for sure, any experiences?

I am 99% sure this is a scam, I just feel I need some verification, or more specifically to hear if anyone is familiar with this, and what type of scam it is(Money mule scam I believe?)

I will do my best to describe it in the most efficient way I can:

* Friend calls me tells me he has a mini side job for me if I want, says to me: this German guy wants to buy bitcoin but there is a limit in Germany on how much he can buy and that’s why he need us for, and explains how it’s perfectly legal
* I contact the guy he explains the process

1. Open N26 bank account I send you money
2. You transfer it to Revolut
3. Keep 5% send the rest to a Crypto app(Kraken)
4. Send the rest to a bitcoin wallet

* I get to step 3. and I do not send anything to a wallet because I am warned it is a scam, and people tell me it’s a scam. I report it to the bank, they said they will start and investigation. I will go to the police today too.
* I tell the friend, and sadly I realize he does not have any morals and doesn’t care about it.
* I start getting texts yesterday from my “friend” and his friends how I just stole from the guy
* And finally I am scared as hell. I don’t want to mention my “friend” to the police but it is unavoidable because many info and why I believed it was legal came from him…

I also asked my friend what he was told exactly this is about: he sends me a message from the guy that says, you’ll work for my company as a virtual assistant, we work with clients who want to buy bitcion in Germany where there is a limit on it.
I informed myself right before reporting it, found out there are no limits in Germany etc..

P.S. My girlfriend already made a thread on here about it, but I wanted to post again explaining it in more detail, in case somebody is in similar situation, and if so, that they can get out of it.

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  1. lightfair says:

    A more in-depth explanation how this probably was supposed to play out:

    You’re not the “money mule” in the usual sense, neither you are “money laundering” in the usual sense. More on that below.

    You are the “fall guy” – the actual intended victim of the scam.

    The money you receive comes from compromised bank accounts; accounts from which the login data was somehow obtained either through phishing or through a data breech. So the money is transferred to you; and so far it’s still traceable. You’re supposed to buy non-traceable crypto currency. So the trail stops where? Exactly: with you.

    The difference to the typical “money mule” or “money laundering” is that the participants usually know exactly what they are getting into. They know the risks and expect to be paid accordingly. With your case the risk of getting caught is exactly 100%. The stolen money can clearly be traced to you but not any further. Guess who will have to pay it back?

    Don’t worry about your friend: He’s either totally complicit or he is in the very same position as yourself. So the quicker the police talk to him the better – because he can’t do more damage to others or himself.

  2. lightfair says:

    > this German guy wants to buy bitcoin but there is a limit in Germany on how much he can buy

    I’m from Germany. There is no limit. This is all BS.

  3. EndangeredPootis says:

    Ive never heard anything like an bitcoin limit before, especially in Europe, anything cryptocurrency related is almost always a scam.

  4. Why are you only 99% sure that this is a scam?

    I am 100% sure it’s a scam. I can even explain it to you in general terms. It’s either a fake payment scammer or the scammer needs you to be a money mule.

  5. It is for sure a scam. Sounds like your “friend” has been acting as a money mule and tried to get you to be one too.

  6. bee_administrator says:

    Yeah this is either using you to launder money as others have said, or it’s a straight up !fakepayment scam.

    Either way, the money you get sent will be dodgy, you’ll send him bitcoin purchased with real money, then you’ll end up losing the original sum he sent you. Nothing good will come of this.

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