Is this a scam? (Info in comments)

Is this a scam? (Info in comments)

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  1. TheMfknReal says:

    obvious scam. telling you to take cash to any of these listed locations to purchase gift cards is the main giveaway. Please don’t fall for this or any BS similar.

  2. kingkrunch47 says:

    If they mention paying with gift cards always be concerned big red flag.

  3. So my bf and i were wanting to buy a small rv, and i found one for cheap on Facebook marketplace. The seller said she wanted to do it through eBay for both our protections. I agreed, and i got an email asking to pay in gift cards. Bf and i are both super suspicious, I logged into my eBay account and there are no messages. The email is from [email protected] which one first glance seems real but eBay is not in the domain. I just wanted some verification. Thank you for your help

    Edit; i have reported it to eBay, i forwarded all interactions i had with the seller, as well as the email i received from “eBay” thank you everyone for your help!

  4. 97Edgewood says:

    FB Marketplace, Craig’s List, and other seller sites like those are awash in car scams. The prices will often seem too low (the better to attract a lot of victims) and there may be a story about why they are letting the vehicle go at such a low price (“My husband/son recently died and I want to get rid of the sad memories when I see the vehicle/I’m about to be deployed overseas”/some other story) and there will be bullshit about how eBay Motors has escrow protection/will ship for free with 10 day “test the car out for free” and other such absurdities.

    Remember that used vehicles are getting HIGH prices right now. No one is selling a good car/truck/any vehicle for cheap these days except scammers.

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