Is this a scam? Or is it just a really poorly run job search/onboarding process?

A month and a half ago, I applied to a job and almost immediately (within hours) was offered a phone interview. During the interview I was offered the job, and I accepted it over email a few days later. This job is for a vet clinic in a chain pet store, however it’s the first one opening in my area. I’ve checked, and they are planning on opening one in my area.

Since then, the onboarding process has just dragged on. I applied originally through Indeed, then after I accepted the position I was asked to apply through the company’s website twice because they couldn’t start the onboarding process online if I hadn’t applied at the website, and my application got “lost” the first time. She wanted me to apply at a certain link though, so she would know exactly where my application was and it “wouldn’t get lost in the candidates pool”. The website appeared to be the official website – it looked exactly the same as what it looked like when I went to it through a google search. Now, the interviewer updates me every few weeks (or whenever I ask for an update) and says it’ll be a few more days, as something happened (like the onboarding software has been acting up, there was a problem finding my application, stuff like that).

I went through the common scams list and didn’t see anything real similar, I didn’t have to get any type of certification or anything.

I’m worried the website I was directed to was faked and I gave my information out to a scammer, or that this is somehow otherwise a scam. I don’t think I gave any super sensitive information like my social security number, but I gave my address, and other basic stuff.

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  1. MuddieMaeSuggins says:

    Eh, seems unlikely to be a scam to me. Job scams aren’t generally a long con. Whether advance fee fraud or setting you up as a mule, they wouldn’t keep putting you off like this. Same if they were trying to collect personal information. Every delay increases the chance that you’ll bounce, a big risk with no potential upside to the scammer.

    (And, unfortunately, this kind of disorganization can be incredibly common in hiring.)

  2. whatrhymeswith27 says:

    It kind of sounds like a scam to me

  3. Theweredragon93 says:

    2 things are happening here

    Either their incompatant
    They are sxammers that wanted your details

    Ask to meet in person if they say yes u are in the clear. If they say no id sigh up for life lock and anything else u can think of.

    Never attribute to malice what could be credited to stupidity

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