Is this a scam or what?

[Found this online store]( and almost jumped to buy some stuff.

What do you guys think?

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  1. cagermacleod says:

    This is a common scam.

    You’re ever going to be able to find legitimate brand new consoles for under 100 dollars.

    Especially when it’s advertising the switch, which I believe is still sold out.

  2. I wouldn’t. The cheap prices and sketchy domain would put me off.

  3. EugeneBYMCMB says:

    Random domain, bad .space tld, etc. It’s a scam.

  4. BgFishSmPond says:

    I would lean towards a scam and here’s why:

    Looks like as of today this website has only been around for 17 days and has very little traffic. And a odd domain (.space)

    They do not have a phone number and the US postal code on there website is missing a number.

    They use a free email (outlook) for their company email address and no chat or support phone number.

    Their site is not certified as secure by McAfee. Site is not rated on the WOT trusted site database.

    And lastly, a Xbox one is not less then $100 bucks with free shipping.

    Seems too good to be true- probably a scam. I personally would avoid the temptation of the $100 Xbox.

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