Is this a scam please help

Is this a scam please help

The content was posted by dreambiger2day on 2021-11-12 19:58:25 via reddit

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  1. botdetector_ca says:

    Lazy fat scammer from New Delhi, makes email account from gmail and call it……

    [email protected]

    You will probably get another email shortly after from that address.


  2. Gtk-Flash says:

    It was sent from a gmail account not the official cashapp support email (email addresss can be spoofed). That’s a huge red flag.

    You should always log into your account to check whether money has been received. This applies to Paypal, Venmo…..etc

  3. unuselessness says:

    Did you get the package back??

  4. geoff5093 says:

    This is why you look inside cashapp, not just the email, because it’s a faked email from them.

  5. Yes and call Apple to make sure I got isn’t compromised

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