Is this a scam? Pls help

I’ve found a listing on a Hungarian e-commerce site ([here]( on a brand new MSI RTX 3080 ventus 3x but it seems too good to be true. They are selling it for ~1/5th of the price it is worth. I’ve got in contact with them on whatsapp and they say that the sell in bulk, that is how they can justify the price. I checked their [website]( and it is a bit sketchy because the domain is 4 months old. The prices are absurd on other products too and there is almost no information of the store on the internet. [Scam review 1](, [scam review 2]( Pls help.

The content was posted by Hungarian_guy on 2021-10-04 16:37:40 via reddit

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  1. You’ve done the research, you clearly already know the answer lol. No one is giving away hot in-demand electronics at a loss.

  2. littlemeowcat says:

    What more proof do you want? You have all the pieces, now put them together.

  3. DarrenFromFinance says:

    You can’t make money in volume if you’re selling at a loss. It costs more than 20% of the retail price just to manufacture that object, which means it’s impossible to sell it at 20% of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price without losing money, in this case quite a lot of money. The more they sell, the more they’ll lose. It’s a scam.

  4. pkpearson says:

    Oddly, I can’t find any authentic-looking whois information on I’ve tried the usual Linux “whois” command, and I’ve tried Does anybody reading this know what else I should try?

    As a practical matter, if you’re concerned about a site’s legitimacy, it’s good to check its whois information (was the domain registered yesterday? Is the domain’s ownership aggressively anonymized?), and if the whois information doesn’t look comforting, assume it’s a scam.

  5. justabean27 says:

    Did they seriously translate policy as politics!!!

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