Is this a scam website?

So I started using a betting platform called where you can make bets on numbers and win money. Much like a lottery.

Is this website legit? My girlfriend was betting on this website for the past 6 months without any issues.

One day we got a message from customer support that said there was an offer where if you tied two accounts together and recharged both the accounts to 50,000 THB, we would receive a bonus of 10,000 THB to both the accounts.

So after we recharged the 50,000 THB each, we got the bonus of 10,000 THB each to our accounts but we were not able to withdraw any money.

So upon asking they told us that we had to place bets going upwards of 60,000 THB. So we did just that. We played and placed bets which crossed the 60,000 THB. But we still could not withdraw.

The customer support again told us that we had violated the rules of the game as we bet on special numbers.

In order to withdraw, they said we have to supplement our profits by recharging our accounts with an additional sum of 140000 THB and 100,000 THB each as both our accounts were tied together.

My girlfriend already recharged her account with that sum but I am super anxious as to whether I will actually be able to withdraw it. Has anyone used this website before?

The content was posted by sawatdeeman on 2021-11-12 13:47:53 via reddit

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  1. bee_administrator says:

    Blatant !advancefee scam. Any money you’ve put in is gone. Don’t make the mistake of chucking more away.

  2. joeyGibson says:

    I think you’re just throwing good money after bad. If they keep giving reasons of why you can’t withdraw, and the solution to each of those reasons is to deposit more money, then you’re never getting any of that money back.

  3. sandiercy says:

    Definitely a scam. Requiring money to withdraw money is a scam as old as the Nigerian prince scam.

  4. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Watch out for !recovery scammers now too

  5. music_man1959 says:

    Website is 159 days old. Doesn’t fill me with confidence. And, as others have said, if it looks like a duck………

  6. Key-Industry-3594 says:

    You can check site at

  7. xcaliblur2 says:

    It’s a typical advancefee scam. They will ALWAYS keep coming up with lame reasons why you need to put more and more money in before you can withdraw. All the money is just going straight to the scammers wallet and they just keep feeding you lies, trying to claw as much as they can from you before you wise up.

  8. 97Edgewood says:

    >The customer support again told us that we had violated the rules of the game as we bet on special numbers.

    I’m going to wager a bet of my own (and I’m willing to put up a lot of money) that you’re now in the phase of their scam that any effort on your part to withdraw money will have them insisting that you broke another one of their “rules” and have to deposit more/pay taxes/etc. until they have wrung all the money out of you two that they can before you realize the whole point of the site is to scam people.

  9. Avoid. That platform was created just last June. They also seem to use a lucrative giveaway scheme(like the one in crypto) where victims are being asked to put more money. They’ll only notice that they are being scammed when these crooks are no longer responding.

  10. Gtk-Flash says:

    50,000 THB is around 1,5k in USD.

    Cut your losses before you lose anymore, they’ll say anything to get you to spend more but they’ll never allow you to withdraw it.

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