Is this a very elaborate scam? I never seen one like it but this is really strange.

Okay so I basically matched with this fairly attractive girl on OkCupid (not 10/10 model hot but reasonably attractive within my league I would presume) and we hit it off fairly well. Her responses are consistent and not canned although her English is a bit broken. (She’s Filipina). She took the convo to Whatsapp where she told me she actually lived several states away because her ex BF left her a year ago and she had to move. I gave her benefit of doubt since sometimes people forget to update location on okcupid I suppose but I was fairly disappointed since it’s long-distance now.

Shortly after she brought up this software she uses called “Dawn.” I Googled the shit out of it and couldn’t find any info regarding this being a scam or how it works. She also really seems to like me. I showed her my YouTube channel (I just released a new song) and she actually watched it. She is definitely a real person. She got me in contact with her “consultant” (real person) and she guided me through the steps to sign up. So far they haven’t asked anything personal but I’m still very skeptical. I don’t want to catch feelings for someone that may be a scammer. So what the hell could this be?

Why I think it’s not a scam:

– The girl is obviously real. She even FaceTimed me on Whatapp twice from her office (told me how “handsome” I am) multiple times. Another time she FaceTimed me half asleep in her bed. She is the same person as the pictures on both okcupid and Whatsapp.

– Her “consultant” is also a real person. She’s legit.

– Nowhere on Google showing that it’s a scam. I can’t seem to find any info on this “software” or what it is and how it works. Whether it’s legal.

– I just wanna know that a real fairly attractive girl actually likes me xD

Why I think it it’s a scam:

– She’s very INSISTENT that I use this program

– Broken English

– Working from home/making $$ doing nothing/too good to be true blah blah I know I know.

Her consultant had me register here. She gave me an username and password.

[Dawn (](

Then she had me register to a “Royal Palace” so I get paid.

I’m not sure if it’s even allowed but here’s the link to the google results:

[royal palace-844 – Google Search](

The site she referred to me is the first one. Click at your own risk.

Anyone know what that site does? Is this legit? I already have a feeling it’s not but if it is I don’t want to break a Filipina’s heart haha.

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  1. Gtk-Flash says:

    Just because it’s a real person doesn’t mean she’s not a scammer.

    Your mixing business with pleasure, which usually ends up with your wallet being much lighter.

  2. pkpearson says:

    One reason-to-think-its-a-scam that you omitted:

    – She switched from “local” to “remote” after hooking you.

    Another thing: the last time I met a great girl online who really liked me and turned out not to be a scammer, she didn’t insist on my using any particular software. That strikes me as too goofy to be real.

  3. teratical says:

    I can’t tell anything from that login page, but the domain name was created just 108 days ago (per a Whois search), so that’s a red flag.

    Moving from online romantic interest to money screams ‘scam’.

    Next step if you really must pursue this: arrange to meet in person. If it’s only a few states away, that’s doable. I guarantee you she’ll have never-ending reasons why she can’t do it.

    You didn’t sign up for OkCupid for long-distance relationships, right? So push the issue and make it not long-distance. The truth will become clear.

  4. It’s a common crypto romance scammer.

  5. boricua1904 says:

    Scam.. !crypto scam for sure

  6. lightfair says:

    []( was registered in late July; this is somewhat of a red flag.

    This seems to be more of an online casino though, judging from the TOS.

    []( was registered on the same day as the other site so that’s another red flag.

    Both sites are inaccessible without registering so who knows what’s really behind this…

    Sounds like she is playing a long con.

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