Is this an easy paint touch up job?


Hey all

2014 CRV Touring

2nd owner

This crack appeared in the paint approx 1 year ago.

I did a shitty “sealant” over the crack in the paint with a little touch up pen.

Now it seems to have rusted underneath and the paint is peeling a tiny bit.

Is this easy to sand, prime and repaint? Or do I absolutely have to drop the $1000 at a proper body shop for this small scratch to be fixed properly?


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  1. cholley_doo says:

    rust needs to be cut out properly

  2. Puzzleheaded_Risk762 says:

    So. Road salts in your area?

  3. If its just on the surface remove it with an sander/ angle grinder until its bare metal, use rust converter to be sure it does not come back, prime it and put you paint on.

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