Is this cam service a scam?

I got a girl on Snapchat who’s profile I saw on tinder, turns out she does cam shows. She was saying she makes her money from tips so I could watch her for free, but when trying to sign up the website asked me for credit card info. As soon as I saw this I got very hesitant because I’ve been caught in credit card scams in the past. Also the site looks a bit sketchy.

Here’s the link, can anyone take a look and determine how scammy this link is? I’m almost sure it’s a scam but I’m just curious because if it’s not I’d really like to watch this girls show


The content was posted by Buesch on 2021-10-08 16:56:05 via reddit

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  1. You know porn is free and accessible anywhere without putting your info in, right? No idea why you even consider taking this risk

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