Is This Game A Scam?

So, recently, I got a twitter message advertising the game Story of Hero: Lost Artifact to me which I think is because it says I’m a MMORPG content creator. I checked it out and the link seems legit. [](

And so does the company however, there are few things that are concerning me. The first is that the person is using a personal account and the second is when I started the game, they wanted permission to make and manage my calls, record audio and have access to my social media. I think pics too but that’s pretty normal. That was the red flag that made question what I had just downloaded. I can’t find any videos on YouTube or articles on Google that says that there is anything shady about this game, its just linking to where I can get the game and a bunch of gameplay footage so I came here to ask.

Thanks in advance!

The content was posted by BoredfanGerrude on 2021-11-09 03:04:45 via reddit

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  1. SweetzDeetz says:

    Yeah that definitely looks like suspicious shit shovelware

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