Is this job a scam?

I responded to an e-mail a few days ago for a online sales job for an online store selling photo and video equipment.

Here’s the website: [](

So far, I did confirm the corporation number from what they gave me and I accepted the job offer (document seemed legit)


They say I won’t get paid until I make my 4th sale. Basically I will indirectly advertise their products on my own through eBay for example, with my own personal account. When the client pays myself, I will retain a percentage of the sale commission (8%) and transfer the remaining to their bank account (92%) They will then validate the order and deliver the item(s) to the client from their central warehouse when they receive the amount due from my side.


Is this common practice?

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  1. Just because the company exists, does not mean the scammer actually works for that company

    This is what will happen.

    You will list an o
    Item for a few hundred dollars. It will be bought by an innocent bystander. They will send you real money, and goi will keep a little for yourself and send the rest on.

    You will think, “great!this is real and it’s working! Let’s keep going!”

    You will sell some more items and keep recieving real money from real buyers and forwarding this real money to your “employer”.

    In a couple of weeks you will start getting emails from your buyers that their items never arrived. After a while, they will initiate a fraud claim or a charge back and rip their money back from you. Only problem is you don’t have it any more and your “employer” will stop responding to your emails.

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