Is this le big scam? And if yes, how so?

Backstory: Looking for a job, was reached out by a company. Stuff looked kinda shady here and there but I decided to let it slide. I was told I was going to be sent a laptop and a printer/scanner for the job at home. The following hour I received this email: Is this a scam, and how would you explain it? I do not see the catch. Is interac safe? Thanks!


Our warehouse manager just informed me that we don’t have laptops in our warehouse at the moment. They will receive new equipment after July 3th.

Starting from 2015 we buy office equipment with a 30% discount in our customer’s online store only. They are receiving the payments on their “Bitcoin” wallet only, but our accountants are unable to make payments on the “Bitcoin” wallets at the moment.

Our director just offered to our accountants to send the money to you for your office equipment (about $1500 CAD).
After receiving the money from our accountants, you should pay $1500 CAD for your office equipment – send the money to the online store’s “Bitcoin” wallet from any nearest “Bitcoin” ATM.
After the payment you will receive your equipment in 1-2 days by express mail.

The easiest way to send $1500 CAD to you is “Interac e-Transfer” system.
Have you ever used “Interac e-Transfer”?

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  1. They will send you a false payment. You will accept the deposit, and forward the money to someone else. In due time, you will receive a notice that the payment you first received bounced and you are responsible for the negative balance.

  2. They want payment in Bitcoin? yes, its a scam. Best case scenario its bitcoin laundering, worst case E-transfer link you receive is a phishing link.

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