Is this legit or a scam?

Is this legit or a scam?

The content was posted by vic530 on 2021-10-05 12:14:32 via reddit

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  1. I took u/Marmalade22 advice and went directly to their website. After verifying my info looks like I have a grand total of $97.44 from my 401k with Amazon.

  2. Marmalade22 says:

    If you were expecting this or have any affiliation with penchecks then I would call them directly from their website and not use any contact info provided on the paper to verify.

  3. Did you work for Amazon?

    A quick google search shows that Penchecks Trust is a real business that’s been around for years, though that doesn’t guarantee that the letter you received is real.

  4. farmer_ESM says:

    I too worked for Amazon and received this letter today. I spent a LONG time in the ERC queue, and talked to a specialist who said they ARE NOT partnering with this company.

    Seems interesting that they have our names and mailing addresses, but I’m concerned about the volume of information they are asking for.

    I also called the 401K company (past – not present) and they had never heard of Penchecks Trust.

    I’d be *leery* of giving them any PII.

  5. Oh nice. Thank you very much for the helpful information.

  6. There are a number of red flags in this document. Any time you’re given a scary deadline to do a thing, it should put you on alert. Same if a random company contacts you claiming to represent an old employer. You should start with the assumption that this is fraud until it is proven otherwise.

    In order to do so, you have to verify legitimacy with the company.

    Step one – Google search the company to determine whether they exist, what their standing is (are they known for scams or scammy behavior) and how long they’ve been around. If they’re fly by night or scammy or imaginary, throw away the letter.

    Step two -contact the company directly. Do not use contact info on the letter – search it out online. Ask them if they sent you the letter. If they didn’t, throw away the letter.

    Step three – if all seems legit but you still have doubts, contact your former employer to determine whether they work with this company. If they don’t, throw away the letter.

    If they pass all this verification then you’re probably safe. Still be cautious about sharing personal info though.

  7. I wanted to update everyone and looks like this was a [legit ]( letter. Funds were deposited this morning.

    Now if only IRS would process and deposit my refund life would be alright.

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