Is this promoting job a scam?

Is this promoting job a scam?

The content was posted by Butterflyfey on 2021-11-09 04:18:21 via reddit

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  1. joeyGibson says:

    A job offer does not begin with “Hey sexy”. This is an !influencer scam.

  2. alyisdead says:

    I just got one of theseā€¦

  3. Butterflyfey says:

    I got this IG message first from another acc then they said go to their main page and they want me to promote their product they based in UK and I am in USA and not sure if it a scam but answer sound like a bot not a real person they want me to buy their product at a discount then they say I get all this perks and commission on stuff I sell via promoting their clothing is it a scam? Not sure

  4. Butterflyfey says:

    Well that my name on IG

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