Is this so kind of dating scam?

Matched with and 18 year old girl. She told me to text her we start texting then she deleted her dating app. She starts to send me nude video. I send a dick pic case she asked me to. Well turns out shes really 16 almost 17. Well a few days later I got a text from her number and it’s a man claiming to be her father. Tell me I’m going to jail for cp and i need to call him he texted me off her phone number which is a local which is making me freak out. Could this be a scam do i need a lawyer?

The content was posted by catdadlion on 2021-10-05 17:59:39 via reddit

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  1. Oh good lord, the amount of times this scam comes up on this sub. Yes it’s a scam. Block and ignore.

    Don’t send nudes to people you don’t know in real life or trust.

  2. I hope you learn a lesson from this.

  3. Goflyakitescammers says:

    So common that, as you have seen, there is an auto bot for it. And if they see you aren’t buying it, the next step after pretending to be law enforcement might be to tell you they are going to kill you and your family. Along with pictures of dead bodies. Not going to happen. Don’t even respond to their calls, texts, or threats. Eventually they will move on.

    Oh and don’t send nudes of any kind to random people on line. Surprise! Women and girls really don’t want to see dick pics.

  4. AnthemReign says:

    Common scam
    !underage !blackmail

  5. ochisiepa says:

    Meanwhile the videos sent were not hers. They’re from another victim. Now they’ll use your dick pic to scam some other woman

  6. it’s a very very common scam. this exact thing gets posted every day in this sub. block and ignore, nothing is going to happen, nothing to worry about at all.

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