Is this something I should do? Sounds odd to me. Any advice? Is a friend wanting me to but my gut says it’s odd.

Is this something I should do? Sounds odd to me. Any advice? Is a friend wanting me to but my gut says it’s odd.

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  1. SniffOfAnOilyRag says:

    I’ll bet that their next request is that you pay it into your account and bring cash for them, because their bank account is “frozen” or some other bullcrap.

    The check is most likely fake.

  2. Fluoise_Belcher says:

    Why can’t the ‘friend’ use a family member’s address or use some sort of mail collection service like Amazon lockers?

    It depends on how well you know the person but maybe just make an excuse as to why you can’t do this…

  3. pkpearson says:

    How well do you know the sender? Can you speak with the sender, to confirm that the request comes from him or her, rather than from a scammer on a hacked account? Is there some reason why the sender’s best option for moving a piece of paper from herself to herself should be (a) mailing it to you and having you bring it to her, rather than (b) holding it?

    It’s not an obvious scam, although it could turn into a fake-check scam.

    Are there really people who cannot receive mail? Here in the US, essentially everybody has a “relationship” with the IRS, and the IRS is pretty insistent on being able to mail stuff to you. Perhaps your friend could advise me on how to tell the IRS, “I won’t be able to receive mail from now on; good luck with those statements, bills, and summonses.”

  4. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Where are they? Sounds like they might be in a jail or prison? If so, you can get in serious legal trouble. Even if it is legit. And if they aren’t, but in a rental. Never heard of one that didn’t allow mail delivery. Even hotels (rented daily) can receive mail and messages for someone. Actually some hotels will even accept mail and messages for people that aren’t even staying there!
    Don’t do it!

  5. Smells fishy to me, but I’ll give one scenario where that “month to month unit that doesn’t allow mail,” might pop up… they are staying with a friend in public or subsidized housing. There are restrictions on who can live in the unit + income/asset counting for tenants. If the person moved out of a unit and is waiting on their security deposit, the friend that they are crashing with may have told them they can’t receive mail, as it could trigger an investigation/rent reassessment for the actual tenant.

    I worked as a legal aid attorney years ago and this was a regular case we’d have to handle. Boyfriend starts living with girlfriend and starts getting mail in the unit. Housing authority would find out and move to terminate the girlfriend’s lease because she’s in breach for allowing someone else to live there. They make the presumption that if mail is coming to the unit, it’s because the unauthorized person is living there.

  6. Toastedweasel0 says:

    It’s a scam. Or they got hacked and who ever did the hack is posting a scam to you…

  7. ThisIsSomebodyElse says:

    You say that you hung out with the person before but they aren’t a close friend, right? Why would they want to send it to you and not one of their closer friends? Seems pretty odd to me.

    The only angle I can really think of is that they claim to have the check sent to you but don’t. They have it sent somewhere else and cash it like normal. When you tell them that you never got the check they call the bank and find out that it was cashed already. They then accuse you of stealing the check and demand payment from you. People rip their own acquaintances all the time unfortunately.

  8. dubious455H013 says:

    Is not being able to receive mail a thing?

  9. wow_that_guys_a_dick says:

    I’ve never heard of a month to month tenancy preventing anyone from getting mail. Month to month just means you have no signed lease and can terminate at any time with requisite notice. Definitely sounds fishy and I’d decline.

  10. I bet, is this girl you met online?

  11. Tomorrow’s post:

    “Guys, my friend wants me to put my fingerprints all over this gun. I see blood on the gun. Is this a scam?”

  12. Crabby_Appleton says:

    Depends on how well you know this person (not that people won’t scam their own family and friends). It could be the start of some escalating series of requests resulting in you being fake checked.

  13. Little_Internet_9022 says:

    So like, since mail is not allowed where i am rn, i’d rather find a complete stranger online to send them some money…. Yeah sounds pretty legitimate…. How the fuck ppl fall for this crap cause like for scammers to be using this kind of silly tricks, there must be ppl falling for them

  14. theoddfind says:

    It is really easy to solve this by simply saying “No.”
    Its a rather handy word to have in your toolbox and used frequently, saves you a ton of time and headache.

  15. mugofwine says:

    “Can you do me a big favor?” Yellow flag on the field.

  16. RickyRicardo777 says:

    Tell your friend to get a P.O Box, otherwise you are going to receive a check from a illegal business that he is running, or on behalf of somebody else. They are going to use you as a mail mule.

  17. just say no. no need to tiptoe around it.

    “im not confortable doing this, sorry i can’t help you”

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