Is this website a scam?

So I was looking for a place to buy a PS5 for maybe less than $800, and I stumbled upon this website that is supposedly selling one for $500.

It only has 1 review of 1 star (although the review has no actual worded review) and I can’t find anything about the store online (it seems the website has only been up for about 2 months or so). I’m not trying to get scammed out of 500 but I don’t really know if I should proceed. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

The content was posted by Maccwell on 2021-08-23 12:28:24 via reddit

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  1. blahblahsdfsdfsdfsdf says:

    Yes, it’s a scam

  2. No no-name sites selling PS5s are legit.

  3. Not only these multiple sites are scams.
    voelkner . ca I lost 600$ on the site to purchase the PS5
    But now I’m looking to buy Nintendo switch Oled’s new Model here is the site that is just giving info about it is in stock or not.

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