Is a scam?

I found a website that was selling the OLED Switch for barely under MSRP. I dunno if it’s a scam… could somebody help?


The content was posted by IAmMySelf04 on 2021-11-13 07:32:39 via reddit

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  1. WeebKamida says:

    The page isn’t loading for me. However, looking at the WHOIS (Like birth certificates for websites) record it was updated on the 1st of September of this year. Additionally it does not have SSL (A license to encrypt traffic) so its more likely that someone didn’t want to pay for that license to encrypt and just hoped for the best.

    My gut says it’s fake and likely that this site was setup to scam people that were desperately looking for OLED switches. However, this is not an absolute but just my opinion.

  2. Gtk-Flash says:

    That’s probably the wrong url you posted, double check it.

    Either way, selling a hyped new device much cheaper than retail price is a red flag. The new Switch and Oculus rift 2 is a magnet for scammers.

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