It finally happened! I got the text! I really never thought I’d get this text. #blessed

It finally happened! I got the text! I really never thought I’d get this text. #blessed

The content was posted by Single_Asparagus8984 on 2021-10-07 20:02:39 via reddit

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  1. ImTheSlimMan says:

    There’s people like this and there’s the other type that will go

    *Guys, is this a scam?*

  2. sportstvandnova says:

    Lost it at “send the next part”

  3. thewindinthewillows says:

    Wow, “she” has changed both her name and the picture.

  4. Crazian14 says:

    Lmfaooo. Like a child on Christmas.

  5. LonelyKuma says:

    Your excitement in the text is amazing.

  6. Congratulations!!! 🙌🏼👏🏼🤣

  7. Lol. Brilliant reply and obvious bot response

  8. Welcome to the “kindly” club👍

  9. VladimerePoutine says:

    I’m in the middle of a Forex scam. She wrong numbered me on WhatsApp. It’s been two weeks of pleasant chat, some pictures of life and family. Today she told me about her Uncle trading US dollars on the stock exchange and making 400,000. It took two weeks but I made it to the uncle playing the stock market did I want in on the action.

  10. denisesays says:

    Broooo i just got it and im fucking pumped

  11. drboggner1 says:

    My wife got this exact same text and photo from a different number today. Brilliant.

  12. linkconlogs says:

    Her name is Robin! Stay away from her she’s mine !

  13. Mandy will be around forever!

  14. snowmonkey08 says:

    what can i do to get this message lol

  15. InquisitorCarl says:

    Always the same picture

  16. Bcabreramma says:

    Dafuq they use always the same picture?

  17. Xsunshinex1986 says:

    That same girl texted me. She sent the same picture

  18. EwoksMakeMeHard says:

    I got a text like this a few weeks ago. It would have been a lot more fun if it was an actual person and not a bot. My responses were comedic gold and deserved to be seen by someone!

  19. NOLPOLGAMER says:

    I wonder if sending a ton of texts very fast would DDOS it

  20. qwertybuttz says:

    I got this scam yesterday. I thought it was one of those wrong number situations and thought about responding. Luckily I blocked the number instead. Mine read: “Waddup are ya Zaid? I’m Keyla… we chatted on Match before when I went up to come see my cousins but we never met for drinks.. I’m back here for a minute if u want 2 for sure meet up while I’m here, r u up 2 it?”

  21. Arsen1cCupcake says:

    Send the next part 😂

  22. QueenRagga says:

    Mandy got tired of you guys and changed teams. Got a message from her a little bit ago.

  23. After lurking on this sub so long, finally getting a scam text is like meeting a celebrity.

  24. nightforday says:

    Haha, I had a similar reaction yesterday when I got my first “I have recorded video of u wanking. Do u shake people’s hand with ur hand? I will send it to everyone u know, sir.” (note: I am not a man).

    I was so excited that I had to show everyone nearby.

  25. Marteicos says:

    Congratz, and you even got a picture of a random cute gal as a bonus!

  26. Hmm normally the “no scam here” sub-script would be tripped by “scam” maybe it got thrown off by the double text?

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