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  1. fefififum23 says:


  2. greciamarzz says:

    Hmm i wonder if this is for all locations. My local store did just increase prices last month but it’s $1.10. Should I expect a second increase?

  3. _butterflysoup_ says:

    It sucks but they are still the cheapest brick & mortar business.

  4. andrewwism says:

    Ouch. Dollar Tree was my goto during the pandemic last year. This probably won’t deter me but it’s still disappointing.

  5. One_Landscape541 says:

    So a 6% increase in inflation equals a 25% increase in consumer products?

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  7. monsternoodles says:

    We have Dollarama in Canada and things are 0.50-4 dollars plus tax. It leaves room for better quality items and good brands.

    I’ve also been to dollar tree and although I appreciated the price caps the quality and range was low. Maybe an increase in price will bring new items.

  8. anotherview4me says:

    I’m surprised it’s not higher

  9. killabeesplease says:

    Loch Ness monster gonna be asking for about tree seventy five soon

  10. erithacusk says:

    Dollar Tree in Canada is already 1.25, wonder if it’s going up too.

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