I’ve been recently scammed and they are threatening me. What should I do?

So I got scammed by girl. They are threatening me to release my video. They showed me a video that they have my contacts which consist of only 10people. They threatened me that they will send the video tomorrow. I believe they are not from the same country as I am and they don’t have my emails and and social media accounts they only got names and local phone numbers. I haven’t paid them and just instantly ignored and blocked them. Is there a chance they will really send something? Please help me. I’m really worried

The content was posted by LazyPyschologist on 2021-11-12 04:16:24 via reddit

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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    Just block the “girl” (not really a girl), set your social media to private or deactivate it for a week or so.

    Don’t send any money or you will never stop getting threats from them.

    In the future, keep your privates to yourself. Don’t send photos or videos of you naked to people on the internet, not even people you know.

  2. This is a very common scam. There isn’t even really a girl involved. The thing with these scams is they never end, once you pay, they know you’re someone that will pay, and they’ll keep coming back for more until you just HAVE to stop anyway. And when you do, nothing will happen. The only power they hold over you is THREATENING to send the video, they gain nothing from ACTUALLY sending it. It’s tough and it’s going to gnaw at you for a little while, but the only thing you CAN do is block them and move on (and think before you do anything else sexual online). Paying goes nowhere and you just end up eventually not paying anyway. You may as well save your money too. Search this sub and you’ll see there’s dozens of people falling for this exact scam.

    Read the autogenerated info below for !blackmail

  3. Red__Reddington says:

    Move on, and stop showing your dingy to strangers. 😂 You’ll be fine, they are just fake threats.

  4. Block them on everything and move on with your life. Accept the fact that if they release the video you will deal with it and will most likely be able to survive. Never negotiate with terrorists. If you do they will just keep terrorizing you further and trying to extort more out of you.

  5. iambrutally says:

    OP, nothing will stop them from releasing your video. They may release it to a few and show you proof of that in order to convince you to pay up. It’s a very common !blackmail scam. They know they’re pretty much immune to punishment since they live overseas from you and police don’t really care to investigate this….ever. You need to let your contacts know you were hacked and to not open anything from people they don’t know, deactivate your social medias for a couple of months, cease contact with the blackmailer, and pray. Sorry this happened to you OP.

  6. 97Edgewood says:

    This scam is posted here every single day by guys who believed a hot young woman was dying to get naked with a stranger and see their dick.

    *Every day.*

    The odds are very, very good that the scammers will move on to the next victims on their list if you keep doing what you’re doing: block and ignore. They don’t care one way or the other about embarrassing you; it’s all about scaring you into sending them **money** on the mistaken belief that paying them will make them go away.

    In pretty much all cases seen here, the scammers have a list of the victims family/friends/followers but don’t actually send out anything, as it’s a waste of their time, They are looking to make fast money from the victims who freak out and pay while they are in a state of shock. As others have said, there is no profit for them in sending out anything.

  7. UnacceptableOwl says:

    Idk seems easy enough. I’d be upfront with everyone they have contacts for and tell them to ignore a random video they may receive. Say you got scammed and thought it was real. Yeah there’s a little shame but at least if they DO send the video out you can stop someone from seeing your knobly bits.

  8. TheEconomistFable says:

    Look, What is the worst that can happen? They send out your video/photos. This seems unlikely because what would they gain from doing that?

    Even if they did- nothing you have done is illegal so you can prewarn your friends list and ask them to delete anything they receive.

    Nothing to be too concerned about. Not ideal but not a disaster.

  9. Get a good bat and wait for em ! 🤣🤣

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