I’ve saved about 70% on clothes the last 5 years worth ThredUp

I’ve saved about 70% on clothes the last 5 years worth ThredUp

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  1. changingtoflats says:

    I browsed the site a few times but always felt their prices were too high so never bought anything.

  2. Frostyarn says:

    I have seen a lot of tips about frugality when it comes to buying kids clothes, but nobody has mentioned ThredUp. This site is basically the biggest thrift store online. The app is gold. I can filter by brand, size, color, fabric content, cut, or price. I can see new with tags or gently used. Sells women’s clothes too, sadly, not men’s. Hopefully they will offer that at some point.

    I lost 70+ lbs this last year and was able to buy a size 16 full wardrobe for about $200 bucks. Now I’m an 8 and can easily get all my favorite pieces in my new size for the same amount. I just go to the GAP store, try on all the jeans, find my favorite fit, and then buy them for $20 on the app.

    I spend about $150 per kid per year here (6 & 2) and they wear luxury brand stuff for less than $10/ piece.

  3. siilkysoft says:

    I’ve made so much money selling clothes on there, not as a reseller but just selling my clothes every season for the past four years. I make more than expected, and then I go and buy clothes for extremely cheap. I’m not sure how I’m able to sell for high and buy for low on the same site but I’ve been doing it for years and love it! Switching out my wardrobe literally seasonally (except keeping a few favorites longer) and still profiting annually. My cost of clothing is that I make money. i LOVE thredup!!!!!!!!

  4. gingerjellynoodle says:

    I tried to sell on there, it has been 3 months and still hasn’t been processed… also, I feel like if you are really into expensive brand items, this might be better, but I actually seemed like I was spending more on items than I would in retail when I wait for final sale. I’m also a more uncommon size (xs) so that may be a contributing factor to the selection. Maybe I’ll check back in a couple of months!

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