Job Posting Scams Hurting My Ability as Employer to Post Jobs and Hire – Need Help

Greetings everyone,

I run a small company out of the pacific northwest and recently posted a job for a designer on Indeed. Apparently a scammer scraped my job posting, reposted it on CraigsList using a similar domain, and is actively engaging would-be applicants. A “recruiter” calls them and says my firm is very interested in interviewing them and sets up an interview via skype. After conduct an actual interview between 20-40 minutes he tells them they have the job and need to purchase specific pieces of equipment to setup a home office. Sometimes it’s a computer, sometimes a tablet, sometimes it’s a desk and a specific desk phone. The products change, the stores change, but it’s always buying specific products from a specific physical store.

They ask the applicants for their bank account info so my company could deposit between $400-1200 into their account to setup their home office.

I have gotten the domain registrar to suspend the domains, but he keeps opening new ones and continuing the scam. He even made a specific Gmail account with my business name included.

My questions to the community:

* How do I stop this guy?
* How do I nail this guy?
* What’s the point of buying specific products from specific physical stores? I’ve gotten complaints from 5 states and I can’t imagine he has enough cohorts to run a stolen item con at scale.

Any suggestions you can provide will be helpful.


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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    You can’t stop the guy or nail him, he’s 99% sure to be completely out of the country or in a different state to you. You can file a police report, and if he’s giving out a website, you can report the website to the abuse registrar (can find the info here: And flag it on craigslist if you can find it. I’d also get in touch with Indeed if I were you, they may be able to pull his listing(s).

    He’s running a !fakecheck or !fakepayment scam on people. He’s using that particular store because he knows the address and name, most likely.

    You can try reporting the email address to Google with an explanation.

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