Just bought a house! 24M & 24F ~ these are our base bills • all other money …

Just bought a house! 24M & 24F ~ these are our base bills • all other money goes towards savings & unexpected expenses

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  1. lurkin_u_no says:

    I’m paying more to rent. Is it worth just taking out a mortgage?

  2. The_Postal_Cervix says:

    I’d kill for that health insurance rate

  3. papasbull says:

    Happy for you! Congratulations!

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  5. Funny_Needleworker60 says:

    Congratulations!! Great idea to look at a budget. Suggest you put a line item in for savings too and ensure that you tuck some away. You need some discretionary funds for going out to dinner, etc. and how about a 401K or IRA? Nice work all around and kudos for thinking out this at 24!!!!

  6. CrabClaws says:

    Time for an electric car to kill that gas bill 😉

  7. gellenburg says:

    See if you have other options for Wifi. I went from 300mbps Comcast at $150/ month to AT&T Fiber at $50 a month.

    Assuming Gas is for heat? Invest in electric blankets and space heaters. Keep thermostat at 55F at night, 62-65F during the day. Wear layers. Heat the bathroom and bedroom. Not the rest of the house.

    Shop around for a cheaper phone plan. When I was on Google Fi my phone bill was $34 a month. There are cheaper options. Ting. Republic Wireless. Google Fi. Metro PCS. Cricket Wireless.

    $150 a week seems excessive for two people for groceries. Invest in rice and potatoes and vegetables. All goes a long way and cheap too.

    Assuming this is your first house? Assuming you’re probably paying mortgage insurance too?

    Hopefully next year you can refinance and have some equity built up so you can ditch the PMI. That shit is the worst.

    If both of you are working it may be cheaper to get on one person’s health insurance plan and ditch the health insurance for the other.

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