Just fell for the Venmo impersonation scam and I feel like an idiot…

UPDATE: Venmo actually refunded it to me! They said something about the recipient not following through on their side about something, i can’t remember, but Venmo prevented it from going through and put the $300 into my Venmo wallet. Damn though, did I learn my lesson !

You’ve heard it all before. A close friend sends you a Venmo request and you blindly send the payment without checking to see if it’s actually their account. Turns out someone made a fake account impersonating my roommate, with the same profile picture, and I blindly sent them $300 for “groceries” like an idiot. My other roommate and I spent like $300 this weekend on groceries so it didn’t seem too large of a number. I was out for a run, and I hit the accept button without hesitation. We’ve both reported the account and sent screenshots, etc. Believe me, I know how stupid I am, so please don’t keep telling me I am in the comments. Is there any way out of this? I’m so overwhelmed I don’t even know what to do with myself right now

The content was posted by chaneyphantom13 on 2021-10-04 23:55:58 via reddit

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  1. CRoseCrizzle says:

    How well known is it that you two are roommates?

    Maybe a distant scammer got lucky or got did his research on you through public Venmo transactions or social media. But it’s possible this scam was pulled off by an acquaintance, coworker or even a friend who knows both of you.

    Only loosely related, but I would recommend setting all your Venmo transactions to private if you hadn’t already. I really don’t like the public Venmo payments that anyone can see for security and privacy reasons.

  2. Beware !recovery scammers claiming they can help (they can’t).

    You and your roommate need to make your accounts private, for starters. Try reporting to Venmo but they will almost certainly say it’s not their fault, unfortunately.

  3. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    For others, always good to check with the person you’re sending the money too. Send the a text like ‘hey man I got your Venmo request, that was for the groceries right?’ And their reply will tell you if it was them or not.

  4. Hmm. The scammer must be someone close to you.

  5. No-Wheel3621 says:

    Call your bank and dispute it

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