Just got scammed by a legitimate company.

I just ordered a North Face jacket off of TrekkInn.com but i haven’t recieved a confirmation email. The money got took from my bank but when i look into my “TrekkInn” account i see that there are “no placed orders”.
Now i havent gotten a chance to get a reply because it happened like an hour ago and its nighttime over here but what i dont understand is that TrekkInn seems to be a legitimate website eith tens of thousands of products so if its outright a scam that just takes your money why wouldnt it have been taken down a long time ago?
I have tried calling customer service and even tough i know they wont pick up the phone at midnight i got this “automated service women” speaking in spanish so i dont even know if calling customer support is an option.

When i choose how to pay every time i tried to tap IDeal it this whole part where all the options where turned blue like it was one big button (trying my best to explain here) then finally i got redirected to the Idead bank transef and i transfered the money.

Now i have evidence that i payed the company via bank statements. And if you look up the name that is stated there you get their company (TrekkInn).
So is there a way i can get my money back?

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