Just ordered something off an online store and got this email the next day. Is this a scam?

So I ordered a graphics tablet off of an online store called www.alshop.com (which is based in the UAE). I paid with a credit card and went through the MasterCard verification process so it all seemed legit.

But then I received this email today: http://i.imgur.com/ZYX1XsT.png and I’m wondering whether this is legitimate procedure, because I have certainly never seen anything like this before. Since when do people get emails from the store they just bought from *asking* them for their credit card details and address? Especially if I already put that down under Delivery Information and Credit Card Information when submitting my order?

Something seems off, but the website seems legit so I’m confused.

*Edited for grammar

The content was posted by noflippingidea on 2013-07-16 02:49:14 via reddit

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  1. Screams scam to me. Also, weird grammar/capitalization use. Maybe get the legit email or phone number of the company and call to question the email…..or let them know their system has been hacked.

  2. theinfiniti says:

    Get the headers of the email.

  3. conundrum4u2 says:

    Ms. Louie??? – yeah, right…

  4. [deleted] says:

    Someone might be intercepting checkout details

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