K Health Job Offer through Text?

Earlier today, I received a message that said:

Dear Applicant, this is Nicole from K Health, Inc. Your resume has been reviewed and you have made it to the NEXT STEP for the job opening for Data Entry Position. Are you familiar with Telegram Messenger? If not, You are required to download the app on Google Playstore or App Store, you can also click on the link provided below to download the app ( ). Once the download is completed, you are to set up an account with your contact number/name and add up the hiring manager Mrs. Colleen with this link: or @colleensummer You should also send a message to her in regards for an online interview. Your Job ID is (NOA7694JSXF). She will be expecting to hear from you soon.
Best of luck

Now, I had been applying for Data Entry positions the last week or so, several of them in-fact. However, I couldn’t find any listed from K Health. In addition, the pay seems almost too good. It was listed as 18 an hour during training and going up to 24 an hour once full time. Keep in mind this was all mentioned during the text conversation I had with the agent.

The other suspicious thing is that they said in order to get my equipment, they would be “sending me a check” so I could purchase any equipment needed from a local vendor.

Also, just so we’re clear, I was told I got the job after an “interview” via back and forth text messaging. They even gave me a scoring. Lol.

Am I being paranoid, or does this sound fishy to anyone else?

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  1. If it’s supposed to be some type of health care job, even the systems used for data entry *have* to comply with certain security standards. There are entire companies that exist solely to audit other companies on their compliance with those security standards, so there is literally 0 chance that an actual healthcare company is going to let someone buy their own equipment to use with their networks.

  2. No reputable company is going send a check to a new employee to buy equipment (and risk you buying the wrong stuff, getting a bad deal, or just running off with their money), when they could just buy the equipment themselves and ship it to you.

  3. This has all the hallmarks of a !Fake Job scam: The “interview” that isn’t like any legit job interview you’ve every had, the inflated wages, and of course, their willingness to immediately send you a check. Sometimes your “first week’s wages” will supposedly be included in that check to purchase necessary equipment or supplies.

    Keep being “paranoid,” because if you have a resume online you’ll be receiving more of these fake job offers.

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