“Kamikaze Streetwear” potential “Osaka Streetwear” clone?

Saw this ad for a “closing down sale” due to covid19 on Instagram a couple of days back, did some googling about the site due to Google suggestions for reviews, and found this post: [https://www.reddit.com/r/Scams/comments/cfhc2u/osaka_streetwear_online_store/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Scams/comments/cfhc2u/osaka_streetwear_online_store/)

Checked scamvoid as they did in the OP, and it is a 27 day old website ….


So… stay (a)ware-y and get a nice robe from UniQlo instead?

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  1. EugeneBYMCMB says:

    Yes, it’s one of a million aliexpress dropshipping sites. In the future, it is not useful to engage with online advertising.

  2. Possible_Jackfruit_8 says:

    Hey guys don’t buy anything from this websites, this is Kevin zhangs websites one of the biggest Shopify scammer around claims to make 20 million in 2 years by scamming selling fake stuff online look him up Kevin zhang . He also has similar fake leather jacket sites

  3. smithersnz says:

    Man, I got sucked in. I did Google them, and it came back with a record of a local store, so I thought it was legit. Stupid me.

  4. 28dhdu74929wnsi says:

    Thanks for posting! I was about to buy something from them thinking I was getting a good deal on high quality designer stuff.

  5. jesus_adolfo says:

    Thanks for sharing, it seems too good to be true. Some stuff looks really cool and everything seems to be on sale because they are “shutting down” probably they will just change their name and repeat the scam.

  6. vkhorsted says:

    Damn i bought from them but the tracking number they send seems to indicate that it is being shipped

  7. i bought from them .. i shouldve check first 😢… if it’s really a scam how do I get my money back??

  8. thegoodship1 says:

    If you need any more proof. This similar site was set up two months ago:


    and here’s another one…


    Totally a scam. Almost dropped $350 buying clothes. So glad for groups like this.

  9. Found out way too late…

    Literally just got the package, I opened it up and quality felt off so I came to google.

    If I scrolled just a bit further to this search result…

    I still received all the stuff (except a jacket which I’m glad as I’ll just ask for a refund).

    Yikes feeling stupid.

  10. CryoShade2144 says:
  11. alexgotca says:

    I searched for them online, couldn’t find much and the website checked out. Bought a sweatshirt from them – didn’t expect high quality but what I got was so crap. False advertising given they said quality cotton blend and what I got was polyester and spandex.
    Emailed about a refund and they’re offering 50% and asking me to keep the product. Given the shipping costs are higher, I was thinking to accept and reccup some of the money at least.

  12. SALAD-DOKKAN says:

    Wait i bought a jacket from there, can i refund it???

  13. Temerivia says:

    Yeah I got fooled hard with this. The package came from China (which was not specified at all on the site) and the quality shows. The jacket I received is thin and flimsy and not at all like the picture on their site. Don’t fall for it guys. I honestly don’t know if I will even use the jacket. I have attempted to contact their customer support in hopes of getting a refund but it’s probably unlikely they will accept my “it’s not like the picture” claim. Be really careful when you see advertisements like this show up on social media. They are apparently abundant in different variants of clothing stores with closing down sales (they don’t even bother coming up with unique addresses.)

  14. BrassyGent says:

    I ordered a thing. One of those hoodies which the ripple shoulders. Fair enough quality or the price. Took 2 months to arrive.

    I imagine if I was as jacked as the model it would look pretty close to the picture.

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